Upgrades & Migrations

We offer complete upgrade and migration services for your Labtech system.

Patches and Upgrades: Let's face it, upgrading Labtech is not easy. System downtime, corruption or even data loss is a real possibility. Why leave it to chance? We will upgrade your current Labtech server to the current major version or patch release. Are you running a version that's outdated by several years? No problem, we can make sure your upgrade is handled properly and safely. Guaranteed!

Failed Patch or Upgrade Recovery: Did you already try to upgrade your system resulting in a failed patch install? Getting that dreaded error message during the install? Depending on the error it can be  very difficult to restore your system let alone finish the upgrade properly. RMMGURU is here to help, we can recover your system and complete the upgrade properly getting you back in service as soon as possible. You don't have to wait either, quick turnaround!

Full system migrations including database resets: Need to move your system to a new server? Has your system become so corrupt or overloaded that you need to basically start over while keeping your clients? No problem. We can handle your migration for you and get your system back to a usable state.

Disaster Management and Recovery: Has your system completely crashed? Not sure what to do? In most cases we can restore your system.. probably within a few hours. Don't worry, call RMMGURU!

If you are interested in any of these services please contact us today!