Simple, Secure and Steady

Enterprise grade hosting solutions for your Labtech server. We know Labtech and we know what kind of hardware it requires to run smooth and get maximum output.


Quick and fast setup:  if you are migrating from on prem or any other platform RMM is committed to make the transition, easy, fast and hassle free.

High Availability: Our server are protected by multi layer firewalls to keep the intruders aways practively. RMM Guru monitor your server 24X7 or any failure to enure high availibility of your Labtech server.

Reliabe, Low Latency: RMM Guru has datacenters at key locations all over the world which allows us to provision a high reliability low latency server in your area.

Latest hardware: When Considering Labtech server hosting, deciding on a hardware configuration is very important. At RMM Guru we know the exact right hardware you will need based on your database size and the number of your Labtech agents you have deployed. When your business expands our servers can be upgraded instantly to meet demand. With our hosting plans you'll never have to be stuck with poor performance due to insufficient hardware.

100% SSD storage: Every server is built exclusively with SSD technology to insure your Labtech database runs smoothly. 

24X7 Monitoring: We monitor each hosted server around the clock for faults or failures. You'll never have to worry about your server again.

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