To really get the most out of your Labtech system will require customization, sometimes extensive. RMMGURU offers a wide variety of customization services at very reasonable prices.

Some of these services include:

New Monitor Development and Custom Alerts: Are the stock monitors either not working or not working the way you want them to? Would you like a specific alert to be sent when certain conditions are met? This can be a headache to implement out of the box. Let us help with our custom monitor and alerting solutions. We can create create the monitors you want and the alert setups you need.

Service Plan Management: In Labtech the service plan setup is one of the most powerful parts of the software. Depending on your system you may need to expand these service plans or create new ones. This can be confusing and daunting but we can help! Let us setup your custom service plan solution and make your system work the way you need it to for your client base.

Report Management and Creation: Need a custom report or modifications to an existing report? Our report specialists can either design completely new reports based on your requirements or modify existing ones.

Extra Data Field (EDF) Implementations: Most customizations in Labtech will probably require expanding or creating new EDFs to identify new data points. We can help you implement that by creating and deploying new EDFs.

Script Customization and Development: Let RMMGURU unlock the power of Labtech with custom scripts or modifications/enhancements to your existing scripts. 

Other services are available depending on your requirement. If it's possible within Labtech we can help you achieve it.

Contact us today so that we can scope out your need and create a plan to implement it.