About Us

RMMGURU is new company made up of experts in the RMM field.

Our specialists have expertise in a variety of products with a specialty in the Labtech platform. We have a number of Labtech certified specialists ready to assist you.

Our Labtech experience includes hands-on expertise in Upgrades, Management and Configuration which we can use to shape your system into what you want it to be.

Let RMMGURU unlock the true potential of your Labtech system and make it run as it was designed.

With fast turn-around times we can get your systems up and running quickly so that you can get back to being productive.

We always offer a free consultation and evaluation on each project. All work is guaranteed -- if you aren't satisfied we don't charge!

Here is what some of our clients have said about us:

"I was having a real problem getting this software to work. Nothing seemed to be functional out of the box (as we were promised) and EVERYTHING we wanted was going to cost us a fortune in hourly fees. That all changed once we got a hold of RMMGURU. They made the system work the way we wanted it greatly reducing all the noise and getting us the information we really wanted. Now our customers are happy which makes us happy." - John Swager TEKEXPERTS